Waves.... Waves are the graphical representation of movement.

Waves can move physical things, like Water can move objects.

Soundwaves can move emotions, like mindset and companionships.

Sound Tells you stuff, and it lets you feel things too.

Everyone experiences sound in their own way.


And so do we

We want to release music when we want to, when we feel something we have created is ready.

It comes when it comes, no expectations, no rules, no boundaries.

If you have something you are passionate about, you should never let others benchmark your sound.


We are XDMC Records and live by this rule.


No compromises, No thresholds, your sound is you and what you stand for.

Let it be heard.

We want to release what we believe in, what we stand for without boundaries.




XDMC Records delivers emotions with music.
Proudly founded in 2019

© 2019 by XDMC Records

Contact Us at: xdmcdemo@gmail.com

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